MsJones asks questions, listens to answers, and uses technology to find creative solutions.


MsJones listens, finds solutions

and then she designs, develops and implements.

Specializing in non-profit, public affairs, and political website design and development, MsJones Design offers WordPress, Drupal and NationBuilder content management customization, database administration, email marketing design & management and social media management.

MsJones approaches every project with the commitment to help your organization reach its goals through your online presence.

ABOUT Erika Jones-Clary
Since 2002, as the principal of MsJones Design, Erika has facilitated web solutions for international nonprofit and public affairs/relations organizations. A multi-talented web project manager, designer and developer, she is proficient with many CMS such as Drupal, Convio, WordPress and Trilogy. Her focus on connecting businesses to technologies that improve productivity has given her seasoned experience with CRM/SaaS such as Salesforce and Nationbuilder. She has the unique ability to translate “tech mumbo jumbo” to “liberal arts speak”. Read more…

Silly Stuff

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All work and no play makes MsJones a little slap happy, check out some silly stuff here.